Gaza Strip – An Ignorant View

Disclaimer: In no way do I think that I am completely ignorant, but I do feel that I need to have a point of view about issues and this is what this blog is about.

Just spent the last hour reading about the conflict going on between Hamas and Israeli’s in the Gaza Strip and am still trying to form an opinion, which of course is my goal on “Ignorant View”

This recent “skirmish” stems from the kidnapping and eventual slaying of three Israeli teenagers at the hands of Palestinian militants along with a retaliatory murder of a Palestinian youth in Jerusalem.

Initially Israel sent troops to close off a network of tunnels that have been built, apparently over the last ten years, that smugglers have built to enable items to be illegally brought into and out of Gaza, which Israel claims that are now being used by militants to infiltrate into their country.

Reports from Israel are claiming that over 1600 rockets have been fired into Israel from Gaza since July 8th that have killed 1 Israeli, yet over 300 Palestinian civilians have been killed by subsequent Israeli airstrikes. Israel has been sending warnings to residents of areas in the city that are going to be under attack that have probably kept the casualty number lower than it could have been.

According to news reports, Hamas militants use civilian buildings to fire their rockets, thereby drawing the return fire to heavily populated areas, as well as convincing people not to evacuate. They refuse to negotiate with Egypt who was trying to orchestrate a cease fire, saying that they will only stop once their demands are met

  1. Easing of blockade on their impoverished territory
  2. Reopening border crossings into Israel and Egypt
  3. Releasing their members currently jailed in West Bank stemming from the murders of the three Israeli teens

My ignorant viewpoint is this, this is not going to end anytime soon. Maybe this skirmish will result in a cease fire, but this is not going to end. It has been going on for thousands of years, one faction against another with new factions seeming to pop up at will. As long as the people in leadership roles care more about their politics or radical views that for innocent people’s lives, this is never going to end.

I could not fathom, and I thank God that my children and family are not living in a war zone, living like this. I am talking about the civilians. The kids. But it is ingrained in them from the day that they are born that this is how other people are and we are raised to hate. Yes, I said WE. It happens in United States, Canada, Mexico, England, Germany, et al. . . . We are raised to hate and as long as that happens, there will never be peace. And I honestly believe that the leaders want it that way.

I read about a protest in Calgary, Alberta that got out of control between Palestinian sympathizers and Israeli sympathizers, what value does that add to anything?

Like I have said, I may be ignorant and naive about things, but am open to learning. Please enlighten me with your views or opinions, look forward to hearing from you.